Joanna Lumley OBE

Joanna Lumley OBE will be one of our Desert Island Dinner guests.

Actress, presenter, author and activist Joanna Lumley’s career has spanned six decades. She is known for her appearances in The New Avengers, Sensitive Skin and Absolutely Fabulous, winning two BAFTAS for her portrayal of the iconic character, Patsy Stone. She has hosted various travel shows, including ITV's Joanna Lumley’s Unseen Adventures and is a champion of many worthy causes, including her role as the public face of the 2009 Gurkha Justice Campaign. Lumley – whose father Major James Rutherford Lumley, served in the 2nd Battalion, 6th Gurkha Rifles – successfully fought for the rights of Gurkhas who retired before 1997 to settle in the UK.

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